You can Finally Get the Right Staff


How we became a remote organization

Watch this video to see how Shopping Cart Elite uses the same Staffing processes for our own company operations. Doing so has allowed us to pioneer an entirely new way of doing business resulting in a better, more efficient and affordable system.

How we can help you become a Remote Organization


Hiring can be a long, expensive and exhausting process. Thats why all our staff goes through rigorous training, several interviews, logic tests, data and tech training and more. Our Support Plans simplify and accelerate hiring by offering you ready and trained staff to tackle your projects or resolve any issues your business encounters.


With over 130 staff available we offer any support your company may need from data entry to design to video production, programming and more. Searching and hiring can be a long and tedious process taking you away from focusing on your business. Leave the vetting of staff up to us and have access to a variety of skills without having to take on another full-time employee.


Get a dedicated account manager who will have a clear and effective process to follow up with you and ensure issues are resolved quickly. The account manager provides customer support, technical support, and optimization as well as informed decision making and a truly collaborative partnership. The success of our account management strategy is evidenced by our extensive client list and length of our client relationships.


Get On Demand staff and support without the stress of time-consuming hiring. Your business and customers wont wait so when you need quality services quickly you can call on your own personal team to tackle your projects without delay.


Get access to over 90 proven processes that will make specific task in your day to day ecommerce operatons go as smooth as butter.


Traditional recruitment is usually restrained by the geographical proximity of your company. This limits the talent pool your business has access to. With our support plans you get trained and vetted quality talent from around the world directly to you with highly competitive rates. There may be an affordable developer living in Russia and perfect for your business needs but you would never find him on your own. Our support plans make this a possibility.


When youre busy running your business we take care of checking in with staff and keeping them accountable to their commitments and deadlines. Well update you on the progress of their work and keep them on track with reminders and your specific directions.


We understand a lot goes into managing employees and our goal is to take care of the entire process so you dont have to. We manage their schedules, computer hardware, internet speeds, and overall effectiveness of working for you so you can always be sure youre getting excellent and efficient work.


No need to pay individuals per hour, your subscription includes access to our pool of staff.


At Shopping Cart Elite we pride ourselves in efficient processes and our communication system is top notch. Every staff member is always in direct communication with all other staff so when you need help or have issues requiring immediate attention, our processes are designed for your staff to escalate issues internally. You wont have to explain your direction to one employee and then repeat yourself to another. Say it once and it will get done.


Every business is unique and when we create specific processes for your business we make sure that the quality is met for the results of that process. Were dedicated to creating an environment in which both management and employees strive for perfection and we achieve that by training personnel, creating benchmarks, and rigorously checking results.


The best help is a seasoned professional and we expect no less from our staff. So you can rest assured those chosen to support your business will exemplify this.