When I am personally shopping online, I could care less about the website's A+ BBB badge or hacker safe logos. I care more about how many likes they have on Facebook, how often they update their content on Twitter, how populated is their Pinterest, how often they engage back with their customers on all social media properties, how trustworthy is their content that they shared, and how many people are interacting with their social media postings. I want to know if there is a real team behind the company I am about to do business with, I want to make sure it is not a one man show that is drop shipping products that are out of stock. When I buy something I want to have that fuzzy feeling that I will get my products tomorrow, not in one month or ever. In most cases, businesses that had no social media activity gave me the most trouble with their service after I made a purchase.

It is logical to conclude that a business who doesn't understand social media, most likely doesn't understand the value of customer service, thus they don't truly understand how to operate a successful business. Yes, there are exceptions, maybe you are a startup, and you just didn't get to social media yet, or but if you are not a startup you are just making an excuse instead of finding a way on how to do social media successfully, and as a result, you are being compared to a one man show that has no inventory to ship.

Personally, I feel that if the business can't update their social media properties nowadays then either they don't care about their customers, they don't care much for customer service, they don't have enough staff to do it, they are too old school, or all of the above. In conclusion, I would not want to do business with a company like that for any of these reasons.

I've asked two dozen people (online shoppers and online business owners), and they all agree with my opinion that social media plays a vital role in online conversions. What surprises me most is when online businesses add social media icons on their websites, but they don't keep the social media properties updated. They just add the links because everyone else has them, but they don't understand that it actually does more harm than good if you don't keep those social media properties updated. Why would they drive traffic away from their website just to show the visitors the empty social media properties, you are just asking not to make a sale.

Every website needs to have a clear call to action, the homepage should help visitors find the right products, product webpages should help visitors proceed to the shopping cart, etc. A website can have three types of call to actions:

Positive call to action - puts the visitor into a positive emotional mood while getting them to the next step of the sales process

Neutral call to action - leaves the visitors in the same emotional state as they were before taking action, and usually it does not benefit the sales process unless this action was created on purpose (Ex: purposely send people to Pinterest if they spend more than five minutes on the website without making a purchase in order to create authority)

Negative call to action - puts the visitors into a negative emotional state, and in most cases this is the reason why a potential sale becomes an abandon sale
Having too many negative call to actions on your website is the reason why highly engaged visitors leave the website without buying anything and it is the main reason why conversions are not as high as they should be.

Sending your visitors to a social media property is a neutral call to action which is supposed to create a positive call to action once the visitor lands on the social media property. However, sending visitors to outdated social media properties creates a negative call to action, and not having social media properties nowadays is also a negative call to action because your visitors will be questioning why you are not on Facebook, when all your competitors are on there.

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It seems simple to do social media, just find the content, post it and you’re done. But who is going to do all this work? If a CEO has to do it, this is a business suicide decision, why? Because Social Media management is a full time job, and if you plan to do it yourself you might as well start offering social media management services because you won't have time to do anything else and that means your business will soon be out of business.

Social media management must be outsourced if you want it done right. If you shop around you will find two options:

1. Professional Agency, usually ranges between at $2,500 - $10,000 per month and up
2. Overseas Staff via oDesk, starts at $5.00 - $10.00 per hour

#1 in most cases works well, but it is expensive. Unless you are generating five million or more in gross sales per year this may not even be an option for you. #2 doesn't work unless you know what you are doing, for those that haven't experienced #2 yet, you can read the full experience here .

So what is the solution?


It took us one year to develop a social media management system for our own company, and it took another year to perfect it. Nope, we are not keeping it a secret, we are happy to share it with the world. Yes, that is correct, if you take the two videos we are sharing and implement them with "2. Overseas Staff via oDesk, starts at $5.00 - $10.00 per hour" you will get very good results that would be equivalent to hiring a "1. Professional Agency, usually ranges between at $2,500 - $10,000 per month and up"

SMO System Video Part I
SMO System Video Part II


Here is a summary process that will be followed:

1) Prepare the sources for content, schedule, keyword, approval criteria
2) Prepare the content one month ahead
3) Start a Blog
4) Post approved content on the blog with unique titles
5) Post the content from the blog to Social Media

Since you are getting new unique titles, Google will see it as fresh, relevant content on your website. In most cases 1 out of 25 articles posted will rank extremely well and start sending decent traffic to that blog post. Once the traffic reaches your blog, they may end up visiting your website to look around. As a result your SEO traffic starts to increase on a monthly basis. You also get traffic from Social media followers who actually read your posted content, this will also account for increased traffic.

Finally, having fresh content and social signals from social media results in higher ranking because this is exactly what Google is looking for when choosing who should be ranked higher. And last but not least, you improve conversions by having active and populated social media properties that will verify to potential visitors that you are a real company.


Yes, and that is why we wrote this article. You see the two videos above will be more than enough information for an agency who is looking to offer social media management services, or a company who struggled for months or years and failed to implement a social media management successfully. But for someone who just needs it done, these two videos is not enough because this is a small part of the total system. There is a 30 page guide on how to implement it, keyword research, source research, Transmedia planning, blog setup, social media properties setup, and excel sheets with formulas. Finally you need to actually implement the whole thing. This is not to mention hiring and training a reliable worker, managing that worker and overseeing everything that the worker does.

Social Media Management is a full time job, and even though we are sharing our system with you (so you can see how it is done), it should still be outsourced, and are happy to offer that service.

We charge a small management fee per month to train workers along with backup workers to do your campaign, we do the social media planning, source finding, keyword research, everything that must be done to make this campaign successful. In addition, if one of the workers leaves, quits or loses power for a week we will have a backup for you the same day to continue your social media efforts. Our management service is not an expense, it is an investment to have a totally hands free social media campaign running for you.

In addition, you will hire the worker directly through oDesk. That's right! No middleman, no ifs or buts, you will not be wondering if your money is going to waste, you will not be wondering if the worker is doing 12 other jobs along with yours. You will pay the worker every hour, and they will provide you screen shots as well as a task summary of what they did that hour and every hour. Every penny that you will invest will be accountable for through oDesk. We will assist you in finding, training, and employing the worker through your account.

We use the following process to hire, train and manage the staff:

Hire to Hire the Right People into the Right Seats
Ownership vs. Accountability
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SETUP and TRAINING: it will take one month to setup your campaign and train the worker for your project. Each package includes:

  • Full Service Social Media Management from END TO END
  • Recruit, Train, and Hire Worker
  • Keyword Research, Blog Setup, Social Media Property Setup, Social Media Property Design, Source proposal, Formula Proposal, schedule proposal, auto approve posts after 60 days.
  • Your worker will begin working on month 2 and prepare the campaign for posting in month 3. As a result your physical social media properties will start to populate 60 days after you begin.
  • All plans will include a backup worker on reserve in case the original worker is unable to attend to their duties.
  • Social Media worker will be employed separately by you at a rough estimate of $5/hour and you will employ the worker directly through oDesk (we will assist you with employment and training)


Minimum term period is 3 months.

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