You can finally stop worrying about growth



With over a decade of experience with ecommerce we understand the special needs of our clients. To facilitate the Staffing process we offer guidance to help you restructure work and duties throughout your company in two easy steps.

Step 1: To better understand how your company is currently operating we will design an organizational chart using Well have you describe the responsibilities, skills, and experience of each of your employees and positions they could possibly be promoted to.

Step 2: We will give specific recommendations to reorganize work and duties of your current employees through promotion and then we will fill in gaps with our staffing.

Watch the following video to see how we helped Tom save time, money, and resources by reorganizing and staffing his company.

The following video is a meeting between Igor Soshkin and client ecommerce company that primarily sells on eBay. Tom is the CEO and his company selling clothing with over 30,000 SKUs and around 10 employees. In the video you will see Grey boxes which represent Toms current employees and Green boxes which are SCE staff to be added.

Below is an illustration demonstrating how staffing can free up time and increase productivity for a busy CEO. Mike is a CEO and spends most of his day juggling tasks and wearing several hats. He frequently, and ineffectively, switches his focus from being a CEO to managing Marketing, to Sales, to Accounting, and then back to being a CEO. He doesnt realize it, but he is effectively doing work that can be passed on to others for just $6/hr.

Heres how it works, by promoting his trusted Managers he can distribute to them tasks and duties that are not worth his time and full attention, like Marketing and Sales. His managers will also distribute their unnecessary workload like Data Entry and Customer Service to newly-hired, affordable and well-trained staff. Redistributing duties via promotions can be done throughout the entire company at all levels.

With less on his plate, Mike can finally focus on the most important things to grow his company like developing strategies, innovating, networking, nurturing profitable partnerships, learning, and analyzing his business.